Family Based Therapist Hanover 577

Starting at $19.00, depending on experience. Pay Increases with job tenure.
Hanover, PA 17331

"In this ever-changing society, the most important and enduring thing is our family, we value family"
TrueNorth Wellness has a very competitive benefits package and a flexible work schedule.

Mission:  Inspiring hope and healthy living by providing behavioral health and wellness services one person at a time.
Vision:  A community where everyone has a path to wellness.
Values:  Compassion, Respect, Empowerment, Diversity, Integrity, Teamwork, and Safety


Provide therapy to children and adolescents and their families who are at risk of out-of-home placement or who are returning home from out-of-home placement using an eco-systemic structural therapy model.  Assist in stabilizing behaviors and working to prevent out-of-home placement whenever possible. Complete all paperwork and duties associated with the job.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential competency listed below satisfactorily.  The requirements listed are representative (not exhaustive) of the knowledge, skills, minimum education, training, licensure, experience, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Ability to Work with Children, Adolescents, and Their Families in a Culturally Competent Manner.

  • Must be able to quickly establish rapport with clients and their families
  • Must be able to work with children/adolescents who are at risk of out-of-home placement or returning home from out-of-home placement.
  • Display a non-judgmental attitude with clients and their families
  • Responsible for developing a regular schedule of appointments with the family, parents, children, extended family, and other community supports.  Appointments should be scheduled in the home, community, or any other location that works best for the family's needs.
  • Responsible for meeting with the family in their home, community, or other location that best suits their need for treatment.
  • Responsible for meeting with IP/family as often as needed during hours and at locations in the home and community that work for them (weekends included.)
  • Responsible for providing periodic (30-day) reviews of clients' progress.
  • Responsible for getting feedback on the progress of the family both during and after services.
  • Rotate on-call responsibilities (through the on-call cell phone) with other family-based staff to provide 24/7 coverage for the program

Ability to work within a Team and Collaborate with Others

  • Be prepared to work as a team along with a partner, sharing therapeutic duties and responsibilities for the provision of FBS to an active caseload of up to 8 families.
  • Must bring difficult clinical issues to treatment team meetings for discussion.
  • Must attend scheduled team and individual supervision sessions with the Program Manager or other designee.
  • Must discuss cases, therapeutic techniques, skill needs, case management issues, and other issues that may arise with the FBS Program Manager in supervision sessions.
  • Rotate on-call responsibilities (through the on-call cell phone) with other family-based staff to provide 24/7 coverage for the program
  • Must attend weekly supervision and provide tapes of sessions as well as any other data that might be requested.
  • Responsible for completing additional administrative duties necessary for the provision of services to FBS clients/families as assigned by the Program Manager or other TrueNorth Wellness Services supervisory staff.
  • Must submit videotaped family sessions for review and feedback to the FBS Coordinator and treatment team.  Tapes should illustrate the team's progress and dilemmas in providing treatment so that feedback can be shared.

Ability to Complete Assessments and Screenings.

  • Responsible for getting approval for services through the Managed Care Organization (MCO), interviewing/assessing clients for appropriateness for Family Based Services (FBS), and completing a Crisis Plan and an Initial Treatment Plan.
  • Responsible for completing initial assessment forms, getting additional appropriate Release of Information forms, completing Consent to Treat forms, collecting other necessary chart-related materials, and beginning the early stages of the treatment process with the family.
  • Responsible for reviewing and familiarizing yourself with information and reports that have been collected regarding the client/family.
  • Responsible for completing a genogram, critical events timeline, through family assessment, core negative interactional pattern, and ecomap within the first 30 days of treatment
  • Responsible for developing discharge goals within the first 30 days of service. 
  • Responsible for completing any additional assessment needs for FBS clients/families as assigned by the FBS Program Manager or other TrueNorth Wellness Services supervisory staff.
  • Responsible for gathering and tracking data throughout treatment and post-treatment for the outcome

Ability to Coordinate with other Agencies.

  • Responsible for determining if there are other services involved, necessitating a CASSP meeting or other contact for treatment purposes, and completing all necessary Release of  Information forms.
  • Responsible for requesting additional information as needed through CASSP and/or other sources involved with the family.
  • Responsible for maintaining ongoing consultation with psychiatrists, psychologists, school personnel, and other relevant individuals as needed to develop and confirm ongoing Treatment Plans.
  • Responsible for working with families and others to plan for discharge and aftercare services.
  • Responsible for participating in Utilization Reviews and other agency meetings when requested.

Ability to Utilize Appropriate Therapeutic Interventions and Create Treatment Plans

  • Use relational questions to better understand the client, family, and the core negative interactional pattern
  • Create enactments designed to assist the family in relating to each other differently
  • Responsible for assisting the family to develop and implement Treatment Plans that meet the client's/family's needs and identify their personal goals, foster their emotional health, and/or treat specific pathologies.
  • Responsible for focusing on established therapeutic goals and making changes in goals as changes are noted throughout treatment.
  • Must update Treatment Plan monthly and review Crisis Plan monthly, as well as anytime a Crisis, occurs
  • Be prepared to utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques as necessity dictates during treatment, although the primary focus is ESFT
  • Responsible for making changes in the Treatment Plan at least monthly and reviewing them with the family.
  • Responsible for completing any other treatment duties that are determined to be necessary for a  client/family as assigned by the FBS Coordinator or other TrueNorth Wellness Services supervisory staff.
  • Responsible for gathering and tracking outcome data.

Knowledge of  and Ability to utilize Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy(ESFT)

  • Be prepared to be trained in an Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy approach (as defined by the 'Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center') as the primary therapeutic model to be used in delivering FBS.
  • Must attend required scheduled training/consultations provided by the 'Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center' and supplement these with additional supplemental readings on family therapy techniques.
  • Must present a case for clinical consultation at clinical training when assigned (at least 1x every other year) and roleplay interventions suggested during the presentation
  • Upon comp the lesion of 3-y, ear training the program must submit a "graduation packet" to Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center for evaluation to become a "graduated" staff member
  • Must apply for and pass state certification exam once graduated from Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center program
  • Keeping up to date with developments in the therapy field through readings and training.

Ability to Demonstrate Reliability

  • Maintain a yearly productivity level of no less than 60%.
  • Remain up-to-date with progress notes every week. Progress notes must be submitted within 48 hours.
  • Remain up-to-date on all assessments and keep chart content ready for licensing at any time.
  • Responsible for monitoring, documenting, and updating treatment plans and progress notes.
  • Responsible for completing all paperwork in an accurate and timely manner including submitting information into the EMR system.
  • Keep aware of the change in paperwork and program expectations.
  • Must be available and prepared to carry an on-call cell phone on a rotating schedule (with other family-based staff) to provide 24/7 coverage to the families served by the Family Based Program.
  • Uphold all laws, policies, and regulations about client care.
  • Must attend all treatment team meetings on time.
  • Must create and follow a therapist learning contract with supervisor and training center.
  • Must be licensed to drive a motor vehicle
  • Maintain a driving record that will keep the employee legally licensed and insurable through an agency insurance carrier
  • Adhere to all highway laws and codes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as any policies and procedures regarding vehicle use and safety that are issued by TrueNorth Wellness Services.

Understand how trauma affects an individual and know effective ways to respond to individuals who have experienced it.  The duties associated with it could be:

  • Participation in training related to being Trauma-Informed
  • Identify with the supervisor how Trauma-Informed Care connects to daily responsibilities and activities
  • Demonstrate trauma-sensitive behaviors throughout daily activities and interactions with clients, coworkers, and the general public.
  • Use trauma-sensitive language in all communications.

Education and/or Experience/Qualifications:

Mental Health Professional:

Educational requirements include a minimum of a graduate degree in counseling/social work with two years experience in a CASSP system program OR be a licensed RN with 5 years experience (including 2 yrs. in a CASSP system program) plus certification by OMH as a mental health family-based professional OR have a bachelor's degree in a predetermined area plus certification by OHM as a mental health family-based professional.

Essential Cognitive/Physical Functions (may include, but not be limited to):

Organizing and coordinating schedules, Problem-solving, Communicating effectively on a one-to-one and group basis, Creating written communication, Completing written work orders, Comprehension, Organization, Reasoning and decision making, Critical skills and expertise, Collaborative skills, Leadership skills, Interpersonal skills, Safe driving


Equipment Used (may include, but not be limited to):

Knowledge of: Office practices, procedures, techniques; use and operation of computers, associated standard software, and equipment, such as Telephone, Copier, Scanner

Working conditions (may include, but not be limited to):

Indoor, Outdoor, Loud noises, Cool temperatures, daily travel, occasional extra physical duties to ensure the safety of employees and clients, daily interactions with people who may be living with communicable diseases, possible exposure to secondhand smoke

TrueNorth Wellness Services has been providing our communities with behavioral health and wellness programs for more than 40 years and strives to create a safe environment of trusting relationships and a culture of hope and healing where all will thrive. The following position is available:

TrueNorth Wellness Services is proud to be an equal opportunity employer - and celebrate our employees' differences, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or Veteran status. TrueNorth is also a trauma-informed organization, and all employees are expected to demonstrate behaviors that further that goal.